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If you find yourself in need of hiring a company which specializes in upholstery or carpet cleaning Atlanta, yet you are concerned about hiring one that will not deliver what promised, you are not alone. There are many business who offer special prices and promotions just to get their foot in the door, however once in, the work they offer is questionable to say the least after which many customers feel intimidated in paying an absurd amount for services that were not even worth it.

These scam artists are actually hurting businesses which are actually legitimate, this is something which has been recognized within the industry and that is why there are tips which the IICRC (Institute of Inspection and Cleaning as well as Restoration Certification) offers to avoid having consumers being taken advantage of by these scammers.

Here are five tips that can help you while you search for a company which specializes in upholstery cleaning Atlanta:

1. Are They IICRC Certified?

All of the upholstery companies which you are considering must be IICRC certified. In order to meet the very high and strict standard of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, companies must undergo rigorous training before being provided with their IICRC certification.

It is required by the IICRC that all Certified Firms be concise, clear and very fair with their clients, there are absolutely no bait-and-switch ads permitted. They must always maintain their liability insurance up to date, not only to protect themselves but also to protect their clients. Once they have been certified, the firms with IICRC certification are required to continue their training as a way of remaining current and keeping their Certified Firm status.

2. Beware of Low Pricing

An immediate red flag should come to mind if there is no IICRC certified logo and if there is low advertised pricing. If a business guarantees that they can clean seven rooms for a price that seem too good to be true, are they really going to be offering quality services? If the advertised pricing is extremely low, the quality of the work is probably just as low.

In cases like this what usually happens is that once the technician gets in and does the job, the client will be intimidated into paying a price that is a lot higher than the one advertised. A reputable business will not be able to keep their doors open if deals like these are being offered. Reading the fine print is important, you have to know exactly what you will pay for what services, before the work begins, get the firm price in writing.

3. Is the Business Part of the BBB?

It is important to find out if the upholstery cleaning Atlanta company you are considering is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Being part of the Better Business Bureau means that a company has met high standards and are still committed to upholding the standards which are required for ethical business behavior. The Better Business Bureau continues monitoring businesses which have already been accredited to guarantee that they are adhering to the Better Business Bureau standards. They also work hand in hand with law enforcement agencies providing them with information on scams and fraud that are in development.

4. Reputation Is Everything

It is important to inquire about the reputation of the company in question, ask the BBB, go online, request references, ask at your local Chamber of Commerce, ask family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances if they have had any experience with the company. If they have then as if the technicians worked properly and ethically? Were they polite and courteous? Was everything explained in a clear and concise manner? You cannot ask the technicians this, it must come from external parties who have had experience with the company.

5. Look Over the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification Website

To locate a certified upholstery cleaning professional company, it is important to look over the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification website. The research that the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning as well as Restoration Certification underwent to develop their standards took two years. Every five years the review and update them to guarantee that the industry is up to date with the best of the new practices and technology.

Final thoughts to consider when hiring an upholstery cleaning Atlanta company

When you hire a firm that is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, you know you are getting a qualified upholstery cleaning or home carpet cleaner company. A technician that is accredited will be able to properly identify fabrics as well as the best methods and cleaning solutions to use on the fabrics. They will also have the proper equipment to eliminate mold and bacteria as well as foul odors, they will properly clean all of you upholstery without an issues or overcharging later. If you would like to schedule a cleaning, you can reach us by phone or on our contact page.

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