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A Brief History of Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the largest cities in the southeast America. The history of this city is quite fascinating and in the past century it has seen a lot of ups and downs due to it being associated with the civil rights movements and its support for race equality and human rights.


Historically, it is also one of the more forward thinking and liberal society when compared to other states in the southern part of the United States of America. Here is a brief history of Atlanta, Georgia.

The city of Atlanta has been linked to the civil rights movements

The city of Atlanta has been linked to the civil rights movements since the 1960s. it was one of the major action centers on the issues of civil rights. Martin Luther king was the resident of this city and is now known for his contribution in achievements of rights for America’s most disadvantaged population. He was awarded several awards in his lifetime including the Nobel peace prize of 1964, the Margaret sanger award, the Marcus Garvey award and was awarded the title of the greatest American of all time by the American population according to a survey by AOL and the discovery channel. He is credited for bringing racial equality in America and is still a highly revered figure in the American history.


It was martin Luther king who pushed the entire America towards greater equality. He and the people influenced by him condemned racial segregation and contributed to direct action against the practice. He single-handedly changed the mind of a lot of people and the desegregation movement gained a significant momentum.

Another History of Atlanta

There is also another history of Atlanta. Around the time of 1906 the members of Ku Klux Klan were also dominant in this city and there was a strong protest the desegregation. There were several race riots around that time and lot of people died or were injured in those riots. The white supremacists violently attacked anyone speaking against segregation and it resulted in lot of riots during the time.


Despite all this, Atlanta Georgia is considered one of the most liberal and forward-thinking cities especially when it is compared to the rest of the south America and its racist history. The city may not be perfect but it is a perfect example of city with a somewhat turbulent history.


Today this city has grown into a large metropolitan area with great tourist destination as well as lots of jobs, new business opportunities and great neighborhoods.  




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