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Best Places to Visit in Atlanta

With so many great tourist attraction, it is not surprising that Atlanta Georgia is one of the major tourist destination in the United States of America. If you are planning to visit this city then I should tell you that you are not going to regret going there. There are lot of things to do in Atlanta and lots of places to visit, you will never get bored of it. Here is the are some of the top attractions in the city of Atlanta Georgia.


Georgia aquarium

Atlanta contains one of the largest aquariums in the world. The Georgia aquarium in Atlanta is about 13 acres wide and is a home to hundreds if not thousands of animal species. There are highly diverse sea creatures in more than 8 million gallons of sea water and fresh water mixed.  


Piedmont park

Piedmont park is like a heaven for nature lovers. It is a beautiful garden and a great place for a morning jog or stroll in the park. It features tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic facilities and a dog park. This is also the place where the famous Atlanta jazz festival is held.


Atlanta zoo

Atlanta zoo is a place that allows you to watch wild animals during nature. It has more than hundred different animals. The giant pandas are special attraction of this place and it is something that you cannot ignore once you reach there. The Atlanta zoo inspires its visitors for the preservation of wildlife by making use of the combination of education and entertainment. The Trader’s Alley is also worth visiting in this zoo.


Atlanta opera

You might have seen opera before but Atlanta opera presents some of the highest standards of opera music. It holds both theatrical and musical performances and attracts some of the most talented artists, directors and producers from around the world.


Atlanta history centre

It is one of the biggest history museums in south-eastern part of the USA. It is about 90 years old and it features number of big history museums including the Tullie Smith Farm and the 1928 Swan House. Other fun places that are worth visiting in Atlanta history centre are the Kenan Research centre and the Margaret Mitchell House.


Atlanta botanical garden

If you are a plant lover then you will not be disappointed as well. The Atlanta botanical garden is one of the favourite places for all types of plant lovers. The plant collections here is simply beautiful and it features some spectacular exhibitions of lot of plant species. The Atlanta botanical garden is especially popular for its carnivorous plants which you can watch and enjoy.


Final thoughts

So, these were all my favorite popular tourist’s destinations in Atlanta Georgia. I have been careful that I have mentioned all types of attractions in this article, historical landmarks, nature sights, cultural heritages and a lot more. If you truly want to see the beauty of this place then I recommend you visit this place once and experience it for yourself.


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