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Famous Personalities of Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is the capital city of the most populous city in U.S state of Georgia with a population of more than 433,000 million as of 2015. It is the cultural center of Atlanta metropolitan area. The country was found on the intersection of two rail roads after the intersection of American civil war and the city rose as center national trade and commerce. It attained International prominence and became a transportation hub of southwestern United States. Atlanta Georgia is also famous for its education and extra curricular activities. It city has produced various talented actors, musicians, celebrities, businessmen and much more who have inspired the world by their contributions.

Atlanta Georgia has produced various talented personalities who have contributed immensely to the world and are doing exceptionally well in their field. Here is the list of the most popular personalities form Atlanta Georgia, as told from the Best Atlanta carpet cleaning company.

List Of Celebs From Atlanta

1. Kanye West: Kanye Omari West was born on June 8,1977. He is a singer, rapper, songwriter, fashion designer and an entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Chicago. West’s life out side the world of music has also been a center of controversies mainly for his behavior at award shows.Kanye from Atlanta

2. Terry Gene Bollea: He was born on 11 August, 1953 in Atlanta Georgia and is often known by his stage name Hulk Logan. He is a semi-retired wrestler, actor, TV personality, entrepreneur and a book bassist. According to IGN he is most recognized wrestling star worldwide and the most popular wrestler of the 1980s. He was the son of a construction foreman but he accumulated a lot of glamour and success in his life through his wrestling career. He was also a musician and he spent ten years playing fret-less bass guitar in several Florida based rock bands.

3. Chloe Grace Moretz : Born on 10 February 1997 in Atlanta she is a actress and a model. She started her acting career age of 7 when she got an award nomination for her movie the Amityville Horror. Her other films include the poker house, the wampy kid and much more. She is a beautiful young lady and has achieved a lot in her young acting career. It is expected that she would continue to steal hearts of many by her beautiful acting skills.

4. Raven-Symon Christina Pearman: Born on 10 December 1985, in Atlanta Georgia she is an American singer, actress, songwriter and a TV personality. She is a beautiful and a talented woman who has achieved a lot in her lifetime. She had appeared in many television shows and has released various music albums which have increased her popularity throughout American. She is often known as Raven in America and become quite famous throughout her life time. It expected that she continues to entertain us all with her talents.

Raven from Atlanta

Just a Handful of The Many Celebs Atlanta Has Produced

Atlanta has produced various talented actors and various famous personalities which have contributed immensely with their talents. There are many others which are quite popular some of them are Jeff Foxworthy, Kenan Thompson and many others. The reason behind the success of these personalities is the foundation which is laid from their childhood. Education in Atlanta Georgia is such that a student can devote all his energies to his areas of interests.



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