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Historical Tourist Places In Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the most attractive cities in the united states of America when it comes to tourism. Every year, millions of people visit this place to enjoy all the popular attractions in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is also famous for its number of historical attraction and tourist’s places which many people do not know. Below is the list of top historical places in Atlanta.


Fern bank museum of natural history

This is one of the biggest natural history museum that emerged out of an old forest in Atlanta. It is specially designed so that the visitors can appreciate that vastness of nature at all the time and in the vast space there. This place conducts lot of special programmes like summer camps, workshops, lectures, storytelling, interactive conversations and family activity days. The place shoulders the responsibility of protecting the valuable natural resources in Atlanta. It is an invitation to explore the environment, earth’s history and human culture and the design of physical universe.

If you ever visit Atlanta Georgia then you should spend at least one day in this place to fully appreciate the value this place provides.

The Atlanta history centre

Atlanta history centre is one of the greatest of America’s history museums. It contains some of the largest history museums in southeast of America. The history centre contains the tulie smith farm and the swan house history museum, the Kenan research centre, the centennial Olympic games museum and the Margaret Mitchell house. It has one of the biggest collections of civil war artefacts in the globe. You should book your reservation in advance if you want to visit the Atlanta history centre in Atlanta Georgia.

The Atlanta university centre

The city of Atlanta has a rich African American heritage and the Atlanta university centre and historic west end centre is a vital part of it. It contains America’s all the major institutes of education for African Americans. There are about six colleges in the Atlanta university centre and a church located in the middle of this place.



If you ever visit Atlanta Georgia and if you love historical landmarks then these three places are a must visit for you. Even if you are not a fan of historical places then you should visit these places because these every one of these places are beautiful in its own way. I am sure that you will be amazed when you visit there.

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