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Interesting Facts About Atlanta

Atlanta is arguable one of the best tourist destination in the US for both Americans and people around the world. It is some of the biggest cities and metropolitan areas in the united states of America. The city was founded some time in 1837 and had less than 30 residents during that time. Since then, the city has seen tremendous growth reaching more than six million in population and being known as the cultural and economic centre of the southern part of America.

If you plan to visit here from another country, use the Hartsfield Jackson International airport in Atlanta Georgia. It is one of the busiest airports in terms of the number of passengers it serves on a daily basis. The airfares here are quite cheap and you can get the tickets from local tour operators. Once reached, you can hire a car in Atlanta to reach the destination.

While planning your holiday in Atlanta Georgia, make sure you choose to go in autumn or spring seasons. Since Atlanta has a bit cold weather, you might face thunderstorms during the summer season here. It is also a good idea to get a deal from your local tour operator to save money

There are a lot of things to do in Atlanta Georgia. Whether you are a nature lover or history enthusiasts or animal lover, this city has something to offer to everyone. The most popular attractions in this city are the botanical gardens, the Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta History Centre, the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola. These attractions are enough to keep you busy all day during your stay here.

Apart from all these places, Atlanta is a great destination for activities such as shopping, enjoying sports, nightlife and visit religious places. The food here is praised by both locals and tourists visiting here. So be sure to check some of the numerous restaurants in Atlanta Georgia. These restaurants provide all types of cuisine and for all range of budgets.

As a closing note, I would like to say that Atlanta as a tourist place is hugely underestimated and there are so many things to experience in this place. To truly understand the magic of this place, you must visit here and experience it to the full extent. When you book your vacation here, be sure to book it for at least 10 days so you can enjoy all the attractions of this place.


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