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Atlanta Night Life

Are you looking for great places to chill, hang out with your family and friends while in Atlanta, Georgia?

If you love to party, music and the night life, Atlanta, Georgia would be a great place for you. It is said that there are more bars than there are houses/places of worship in this city. The city has more to offer too aside from coffeehouses and sports bars. Dance clubs full of electrifying high-energy dance music can be found almost anywhere in this other city that never sleeps after dark, making it very attractive not only for members of the LGBT community, but also for straight people who just love any kind of music and who love to chill and relax after a long day of work.

Atlanta Clubs Are More Than Just Music

Aside from music (specifically, electronic dance music), Atlanta also offers craft drinks and great places where you can enjoy your favorite kind of music and relax, from live bands/rock music to opera theatre, opera to lounge music.

The following are just some of the best bars and night clubs to visit and try to maximize your experience while in the city as told by the good guys at

1.Porter Beer Bar- An awesome, brilliant beer bar that offers a perfect mix of taste and cool ambiance. The bar is the perfect place to eat, drink and be merry. The bar offers 30 beers on tap and more than 400 bottles, and so many other amazing, irresistible tasty options.

Atlanta beer spot

2. Brick Store Pub-is considered to be the best pub in the city that offers a great atmosphere and food, friendly staff, and constantly updated craft beers, and some vintage Scotch whiskey,

3. Polaris Restaurant and Bar- this place is also known for providing an amazing whole experience.

4. Havana Club is a fun, clean, and swank club that is great for private parties. This bar is also known for its very good-looking and friendly staff.

5. Tongue & Groove Bar/ Night Club is Atlanta’s favorite nightclub and events facility that offers a whole array of DJs and various entertainments. This place is also perfect for lovers of Latin music as it offers an endless array of Latin music and salsa every Wednesday night.

When You’re In Atlanta And Want a More Chill Spot

6. Churchill’s British Pub- is the oldest 5-star British pub in Atlanta, GA.

British pub in Atlanta

7.The Hole in the Wall Bar-is also a good place to eat, drink & be merry, but one that doesn’t have a cover charge.

8. Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta- a fun place to visit that offers deserts and drinks and offers a nice whole experience for anyone who is in the city..

9. Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium is an eccentrically decorated bar with atmosphere and with friendly and social people and most of all,ping pong too, as the name suggests.

10. Orpheus Brewing is another bar that offers a good selection of beers at a great bargain price.

11. Gibney’s Pub in Atlanta is a nice, convenient place to kick back,, chill, and enjoy a good meal with family and friends.This bar is known for its very filling foods and great service.

12. The Masquerade Bar and Night Club offers live bands and your favorite musicians while in Atlanta.

Remember To Have Fun When In Atlanta

So what are you waiting for? Come and visit Atlanta, Georgia and all its nice and fun bars and clubs daily!

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