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Top Carpet Cleaning Myths

If you are thinking about doing a carpet cleaning in your home or commercial place then you should probably stop right there and read this article first. There are some very popular myths about the carpet cleaning that still a lot of people believe. If you believe one of these myths then it is not your fault because you were never enlightened about the truth. But figuring out these myths and knowing the truth will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. So, below is the list of top for myths about carpet cleaning.


You need to soak the carpet with lot of water

Most people think that soaking the carpet with a lot of water results in a cleaner carpet. Nothing can be further from truth. Using more water than necessary might be counterproductive for you. A wet carpet is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria which can ruin your carpet in a very short time if left unchecked. If you need to soak the carpet for carpet cleaning, make sure you use only the required amount of water, neither too much and nor too little.


Professional solutions are no better than jalopy carpet cleaner

Professional carpet cleaning solutions such as carpet cleaners in Atlanta use the latest state of the art technology of carpet cleaning. The latest technology is much more efficient and gets the job done in a more effective way than an old jalopy cleaner. Using professional cleaning services is beneficial for you in the long run because it results in not only cleaner but also healthier home environment.

Another advantage of professional carpet cleaners in Atlanta is that they can fix much wider range of dirt’s or stains that the traditional cleaning machines.


You need to use harsh detergent or soap.

Another common misconception many people have about carpet cleaning is that you need a harsher detergent or soap. The problem with this mindset is that while harsh soap does give better results to some extent, if you go above a certain limit, it can damage the carpet as well. Some harsh soaps can leave a sticky residue on your carpet which you certainly don’t want.

Ideal soap for your carpet cleaning with natural and green cleaners which are powerful and at the same time safe to use.


You can use it as a substitute for vacuuming.  

Final myth about carpet cleaning is that vacuuming can get you the same results as carpet cleaning. , carpet cleaning is a lot different from vacuuming and it is not a substitute for vacuuming. Carpet cleaning helps you deep clean the coverings and vacuuming is more useful for cleaning up the outer part of dust and dirt. It is recommended that you regularly carry out vacuuming before the cleaning process. Both are important for the overall health of your carpet or rug.

So, these were all the popular myths about carpet cleaning busted in a single article. Now that you have read it you have probably realized how important all this is and how much time and money it will save you in the long term.

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