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What Does Carpet Cleaning Involve

If you live in Atlanta then you know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to carpet cleaning services in Atlanta. The professional carpet cleaners are experts at what they do and can do the task in a more efficient and effective way.

Carpet cleaning services in Atlanta provide a wide range of services and each of these services is important in its own way. The cost of each of these services are different. If you plan to hire carpet cleaning services then it is important to know about your requirements and carefully plan according to your budget.

This article provides you the list of services that most carpet cleaners in Atlanta provide. Here are the things that most carpet cleaning services provide –


the carpet cleaning services should begin with a good pre-inspection. This usually involves a professional visiting the place and inspecting the areas of concern and taking additional notes. He will advise you in case there are any permanent stains on the carpet.

Moving of furniture

once the pre-inspection is complete, the furniture will need to be moved. Smaller furniture’s such as chairs, sofas and tables are moved carefully and bigger furniture such as dressers and beds are not moved. Disposable tabs and blocks are used to protect your furniture from damage.

Pre-spot and pre-spray

traffic areas and spots are treated in advance so that soil removal and spot removal can take place more effectively. This part of carpet cleaning is important because it will ensure that the jobs gets done correctly and no dirt is left behind in the carpet.

Extraction and rinsing

after loosening of the soil, the carpet is flushed with a hot water extraction process. This results in a clean carpet. Most people call this process steam cleaning and it is very recent carpet cleaning technology. The heat and pressure are carefully controlled during the process so that the carpet does not get over-wet. The carpet is then rinsed.

Dry stroking

this is the final and most important steps of the entire process of carpet cleaning. The remaining moisture of a carpet is removed using a dry stroke. A high-powered truck mounted vacuum is used in order to accomplish this and it is done after the entire carpet is cleaned. After the entire process, your carpet will be both clean and dry.

these are all the things that carpet cleaning services in Atlanta involve. If you plan to hire a carpet cleaning company for your carpet in your home or office then you will need to know all your requirements and budget and plan accordingly. Choosing the right carpet cleaning services in Atlanta is a tough job given that there are so many choices available to you. But if you hire the right company for doing your carpet cleaning job in Atlanta then you will not need to stress a lot about your carpet cleaning work. You can just leave everything to them and they will complete the task for you.

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